Natixt®® surface treatment


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Repair spray for quick and easy repair of damage such as scratches and minor bumps on street furniture Repair kit marketed by CYRIA, French manufacturer of designer street furniture All standard shades available: GRIS COSMOS®, CORTEN EFFECTS®, BLACK wood oils for regular protection of street furniture against UV rays and bad weather, marketed by CYRIA, a French manufacturer of ultra-resistant designer street furniture.

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Natixt surface treatment


Protect your CYRIA furniture regularly against UV rays and bad weather. We recommend oiling your woodwork at least once a year. NATIXT® wood oil is ecological 100% natural.
Use NATIXT® oil for woodwork on PYSA ©, MONSIEUR ©, GREEN PALACIO ©, EUDALD ©, ABSOLUT ©, MANTA ©, M-A KUSTOM ©, MAGNUM ©, BIO2 ©, KAISEKI ©, MIGRATION © furniture.


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