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Like us, you're convinced of the importance of reintroducing nature to the heart of the city. Like us, you want to contribute to the greening of urban spaces. You've fallen in love with our range of window boxes and planters and want to know everything you need to know before making your choice. You've come to the right place.

All furniture, even the best, needs a minimum of maintenance to last. Especially those that house living things. And good care for your planters starts with good installation! Once you've chosen your Cyria planter, how do you install it? How do you plant it? What maintenance operations should you plan? We explain it all!

1. Installing your planter

At Cyria, we prefer to install our planters on feet, which means they can be adapted and levelled to most ground conditions. Our planters are fitted with adjustable feet that raise the structure slightly, to ensure perfect balance with the contours of your site. The 4 adjustable feet allow you to adjust the height of each planter with a simple, intuitive screw-and-screw procedure.

2. Grounding

In principle, all you have to do is fill the tray with substrate, place the plant and water. The planting stage seems straightforward, but requires a few tips and points of attention.

Choosing the right substrate:
The choice of substrate is essential to ensure the proper development of your plants. Potting soil, heather soil, clay pebbles, pozzolan, perlite, vermiculite, pine bark or coir bark - the choice is wide, and the nature of your substrate must be chosen to suit your planting. Always ask a Cyria expert, your landscaper, for advice, or opt for our delivered planted option!

Do not pack the rootball:
To install, simply fill the planter with substrate, leaving enough room for the plant and its root ball. Once the plant has been positioned, fill the remaining space with substrate. Be careful not to pack the soil too tightly! Your plant's roots may be fragile and you risk damaging them by subjecting them to too much pressure.
Protect the tray during operation:
Substrates, and the plant itself, can damage or soil your planter during installation operations. We advise you to protect the inside of your planter with a geotextile-type film and to fill the container carefully so as not to damage the anti-corrosion treatment.

3. Limit maintenance operations

Unsurprisingly, the main maintenance operation for this type of furniture is watering the plants. And watering can be time-consuming! In fact, each plant has its own watering requirements, and the amount and regularity of watering will depend not only on the type of plant, but also on your location and the frequency and intensity of rainfall.

To alleviate this need for maintenance and keep your maintenance operations to a minimum, we have created BYOPLAN®an innovative care system for planters and window boxes, with water management, rootball maintenance and thermal regulation.
Compatible with most Cyria growers and planters, BYOPLAN® incorporates a drip system, insulation, overflow and water reserve to deliver just the right amount of water and avoid over-watering.


Slide Like us, you're convinced of the importance of reintroducing nature into the heart of the city. Like us, you want to contribute to the greening of urban space. Eco-design by Cyria Personalize my project with my city's colors Thanks to our numerous customization options and wide choice of finishes, your creativity to bring your urban spaces to life and enhance your your community's image. Custom Cyria projects, step by step. Cyria's design office can help you with your wildest projects, creating custom furniture furniture and fittings. Large-scale, complex projects: nothing scares us and we love a challenge! SEE MORE Environmental sustainability Custom-made & Realizations Custom-made & Realizations Slide Opting for Cyria street furniture is a very good choice in itself. We're not who will tell you otherwise! And we're not the only ones who think so! Why choose Cyria furniture? How to choose the right materials? The choice of street furniture is not to be taken lightly! It's an investment that needs to be thought through. How to choose planters Nature in the city is one of the major challenges facing urban development. At Cyria, we consider it a vital issue! And we're not the only ones to think so! think so! SEE MORE Philosophy & design Materials & Finishes Environmental sustainability NEWS
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