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The care system

Revegetating our city centers is a major challenge, especially when planting in the ground is not an option! That's why we turned our attention to the question of soilless cultivation and created BYOPLAN®, a care system for tubs and planters with water management, rootball support and thermal regulation for maximum plant care and minimum maintenance by municipal services.

Green the city, yes! But not just any old way! And especially not at the risk of the living! Planting in containers can't be improvised! That's why we've worked closely with nurserymen, gardeners and horticulturalists to develop our BYOPLAN® system.

It all starts with water management

When it comes to growing plants, especially above-ground, water management is the key factor. Too much or too little, the slightest error can be detrimental to plants. It's all a question of dosage! And in public spaces, that's no mean feat!

BYOPLAN® incorporates ... to guarantee the plant's development while freeing the gardener from the constraints of manual watering:

- A drip system to gradually distribute the right amount of water;
- An overflow to regulate rainwater and prevent over-watering;
- A water reserve with a draining and irrigating bottom for optimal plant growth.

Thermal insulation

It was in our native South of France that the idea of a technical system to encourage the development of plants in urban environments was born. And what could be more logical! In a region known for its droughts and heatwaves, managing water and temperature variations is a major issue. This prompted us to broaden our thinking to include resistance to thermal amplitudes, and to design a system that provides multi-purpose thermal insulation.

The BYOPLAN® system can be complemented by a watering programmer to make your planter totally autonomous!

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